App Sapiens is a team of expert software developers and technologists. We create cutting edge mobile and web apps with React and React Native.

Which tech do we use and why?

App development is a rapidly changing world with React Native and Expo at the forefront. Facebook's pioneering app framework is famed for giving us Instragram and Pinterest amongst others.

Development times are much quicker with RN than traditional platform specific technologies but this comes with a catch: React Native is unstable. A huge and constantly changing ecosystem of tools and third party libraries paired with a very complex build environment mean things often go wrong.

It requires a lot of domain knowledge to navigate these challenges - something our engineers have built up over several years but can often leave newcomers in deep water.

Talk to us about how you can leverage RN and Expo to improve your current app or create one from scratch. We also offer repair and consultancy services to fix existing apps and put you back on the path to success.

The powerhouse of frontend development, React is the defacto standard in many technology circles.

React is famed for being rock solid and highly performant. It does this by focusing on two core principles: efficient rendering and easy extensibility. The challenge with using React is which technologies to pair with it. The community offers a myriad of solutions for state management, network interfacing and component libraries.

Knowing which tools to reach for and how to implement them can be a huge challenge. Our frontend engineers each have a minimum of four years commercial React experience and can find a solution that is future proof and meets your business requirements

Talk to us about how you can harness the power of React for your next project. We also offer fix and refactoring services to address weaknesses in your current project.

Why work with us?

Technology specialists

We pride ourselves on having a deep knowledge of the technologies we specialise in. Our engineers have thousands of hours of experience working with some of the most challenging but rewarding tech available today.

Project clarity

Each customer we work with has a dedicated project manager that provides up to date answers on our 'clarify questions': What is happening? When is it happening? What are the costs?

Clear communication

Everyone who works for App Sapiens is good at breaking down complex problems into manageable chunks. We also use a meeting planning system to ensure that every meeting has clear and actionable outcomes.

Requirements focused

We don't make software for the sake of it. Technology is a tool to achieve business goals. Whether you need a slick shopping app or a legacy data migration, we build software that helps you achieve your strategic goals.

Flexible working

We can work part-time, full-time, ad-hoc and fixed-price. Our customers love that we are responsive to their changing project priorities.

Agile friendly

We use a slimmed down version of Agile that clears out the jargon and focuses on what's important: iterating quickly to continuously improve software and systems. We meet weekly with our customers and share a Kanban board with them for full transparency.

Tom Riglar

Tom is an results focused engineer turned entrepreneur. His mission is ensuring App Sapiens is best placed to meet the goals of our clients.

Charles Killer

Charles is a pragmatic technologist and futurist. His mission is to breakdown our clients' technical challenges into achievable tasks.

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