App Sapiens is a team of expert software developers and technologists. We create cutting edge mobile and web apps with React, React Native and AWS serverless technologies.

Why work with us?

Technology specialists

We pride ourselves on having a deep knowledge of the technologies we specialise in. Our engineers have thousands of hours of experience working with some of the most challenging but rewarding tech available today.

Project clarity

Each customer we work with has a dedicated project manager that provides up to date answers on our 'clarify questions': What is happening? When is it happening? What are the costs?

Clear communication

Everyone who works for App Sapiens has English as a first language and is good at breaking down complex problems into manageable chunks. We also use a meeting planning system to ensure that every meeting has clear and actionable outcomes.

Requirements focused

We don't make software for the sake of it. Technology is a tool to achieve business goals. Whether you need a slick shopping app or a legacy data migration, we build software that helps you achieve your strategic goals.

Flexible working

We can work part-time, full-time, ad-hoc and fixed-price. Our customers love that we are responsive to their changing project priorities.

Agile friendly

We use a slimmed down version of Agile that clears out the jargon and focussed on what's important: iterating quickly to continuously improve software and systems. We meet weekly with our customers and share a Kanban board with them for full transparency.

Meet the leadership team

Charles Killer


Tom Riglar


Hari Shrubsole
Lead Platform Architect


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