Kura helps thousands of children safely travel to school every day using innovative mapping and safeguarding technology.


When Kura approached us to redesign and rebuild their three React Native apps, we immediately jumped at the challenge. Their engineering team had developed a successful MVP that proved the concept. However, the user experience was lacking and technical architecting was needed to create a scalable and robust codebase. There was a large range of stakeholders with varying needs. This included bus drivers, parents and school children - all of who needed an experience optimised to their requirements and circumstances.


To maximise value in a short space of time, we setup and coordinated two simultaneous workstreams. One for user experience (UX) design and the other for React Native development on the app codebases.
For UX, we conducted a series of stakeholder interviews to gather wants and frustrations of the existing MVP and iterated with the product owner to produce brand new designs for all three apps. On the engineering front, we initially did a deep refactor of the codebases to bring them in line with best practise. This gave us a robust and scalable base with which to build new features and implement the new designs. We implemented Expo EAS for automated cloud deployment of the apps, massively reducing maintenance overhead.


Each app is tailored closely to its use case. The driver app is clear and easy to use from a mount by the steering wheel. The parent app provides a reassuring interface to inform parents of their childs’ progress to and from school. Because the coding standards are so high, new features can be added quickly and safely. This provides a solid base for scaling the apps. Kura has restated its position as the number one school transport system in the UK and is now in a confident position to maximise the market and expand into new territories.

App Sapiens took time to deeply understand our business and produce something that exceeded our all expectations. They’ve quickly become our first port of call for anything app related.

Shaun Gabriel, CTO, Kura

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