Reluv gives you access to the best pre-loved fashion in charity shops across the country so you can build a sustainable and ethical wardrobe.


Reluv approached us with a vision to transform the way we buy second-hand garments and accessories from charity shops. Due to the pandemic and a long-term trend towards online shopping, charity shops have seen declining sales from their physical shops. This loss of revenue has damaged their essential work in our communities. At the same time, donations are rising as people clear out their wardrobes during the lockdown and “fast fashion” trends drive consumer spending on new clothes. Building an ecommerce web app that makes it easy for charity shops to sell their buoyant clothing stocks and helps consumers switch to ethical fashion were essential to making this project a success.


As a starting point, the app was built to be smooth, slick and easy to use. It also needed to serve two different user groups: shoppers and charity shop volunteers.
For the shoppers, we created an experience that allows them to easily browse and find their dream purchase. This includes an advanced filtering system and the ability to message vendors to get the inside story about a garment. Charity shop volunteers are often elderly and have a physical shop to run. We optimised the product upload and creation steps to allow them to quickly and easily create a new listing from their mobile phone. Initially, we built a web version of the app using React Native. This means that we can easily create native iOS and Android versions of the app using a single code base.
By using the Swell ecommerce platform, Stripe Connect, Netlify and MongoDB Atlas, we were able to reduce time to market by 70% and deliver the whole solution in just 14 weeks.


The ethical fashion platform is now live and has been adopted by charities across the UK to sell their clothing online in a slick and user-friendly way. Feedback for the app from both charities and shoppers has been outstanding with high praise for the platform’s ethical impact. Reluv has become an essential revenue generator to help charities continue their important work whilst providing unique, ethical and affordable fashion to consumers across the country.

App Sapiens have guided us the whole way, contributing far more than just code and transforming our vision into a revenue generating digital asset

Mollie Spurr, Creative Director, Reluv

14 weeks to build the app

All Carbon offset

iOS & Android ready

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