App Development

Truly innovative and beautiful iOS and Android apps that help you outpace your competition.

When we say pace, we mean it.

Go from design to launch 3x quicker

Deploy new features in under 5 minutes

Get best practice code straight out of the box

How we do it

We use React Native, Expo, TypeScript and our own special sauce called ‘Flint’.

Why React Native?

React Native run natively on iOS, Android and Web. It allows your app to be as performant a natively written app but with a much smaller code base.

Why Expo?

Expo is a toolset for React Native that provides additional functionality and automated deployment for apps. It makes apps much quicker to deploy, more stable and more performant.

Why TypeScript?

TypeScript is an advanced and professional form of JavaScript. It makes it quicker to create quality code and reduces the number of bugs.

What is Flint?

Flint is a collection of tools, code and best practice guidelines that allows us to build robust apps really quickly. We created Flint to join together the best ideas and tools from across the app development world.

The time it takes to release new features has gone from a few days to a few minutes

Jon Lester, Lead Developer, Ownable

What about other app development frameworks?

Most are terrible and have poor performance and compatibility. Flutter and React Native are the only two worth considering. We opt for React Native as it is more established with better support, more features and quicker release mechanisms

Expo Trusted Consultancy

We’re the only UK agency that is an official Expo Trusted Consultancy. It means we have a deep expertise in React Native and Expo and are officially recognised and recommended by Expo. We contribute code to Expo and have exclusive access to their core team for support and pre-release features. Ssssh, don’t tell anyone... but our expertise means we even get asked to help other agencies with their React Native apps.

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