Powerful Ecommerce

Profitable and scalable e-commerce solutions that help you to out sell your competition.

Future-proof your ecommerce offering

Take the pain out of growth with a fully scalable system.

Run your store on Web, iOS and Android from a single codebase.

Integrate seamlessly with payment and marketing platforms.

How we do it

We use Swell and Stripe to build innovative ecommerce solutions that pair really well with our mobile and web apps.

Why Swell?

Swell is the next best thing to happen to ecommerce. It provides a powerful “headless” architecture which gives much greater freedom than traditional services like WooCommerce and Shopify. Swell is extremely flexible and can even be used to build marketplaces like Etsy and Depop.

Why Stripe?

Stripe is the world’s leading payment platform. It pairs really well with Swell and let’s you be creative and flexible with your business model.

Sounds like a game changer?

It means that App Sapiens can quickly build and deploy your bespoke store across iOS, Android and Web. We can work with tranditional single seller models, mutli-vendor marketplaces or something completely different.

App Sapiens built our bespoke charity marketplace in just a few months and created something that our vendors and buyers love

Mollie Spurr, Creative Director, Reluv

What about Shopify and others?

Many ecommerce platforms don’t have support for headless mode, which means you are stuck using their default user interfaces. This is fine for a small store but doesn’t give you enough control if your online shop is key for driving revenue. Some platforms do provide an enterprise option (like Shopify Plus) to ‘unlock’ headless mode - this usually involves handing over big sums of cash in order to get access.

Swell Experts (it’s official)

We’re the only UK agency that is a Swell Expert. That means we’ve been verified by the Swell team as knowing our stuff when it comes to everything Swell. We also have a direct line to Swell, so we can quickly resolve queries and make stuff happen..

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